All eyes on the street

"When I roam the city streets I always walk with my eyes wide open. Especially at night time I love to wander around. The smell of the wet asphalt after the rain and the feeling of ultimate freedom while most people are asleep; it is almost as if the street is all mine at that point. The street is therefore my inspiration and my museum at the same time. When I find objects on the street, I am intrigued by their story behind it. What was the history of this object? What was the space it decorated? Who did it belong to? Most people won't be aware of this object, because it's garbage, it's done, it's a used thing, tossed on the street. I take this object from the place I find it, edit it with love inspired by the form and space, inspired by the environment I found it or associations that I have made in my earlier life with such an object. I'm creating something new out of it, paint it and give it a new story. I give it new history and paste it back on the street, give it a new space. A new value is created and so it is no longer rubbish. Sometimes the objects or pieces are so small that they blend into the space like they are supposed to be there. Sometimes with a story to make people aware of something and sometimes just a funny decorative thing."
"Some spots seem like a perfect space to place an object, already bombed with tags and scribbles from other street wanderers. When pasting an object of mine between the tags, I know for sure that it will stand out for certain kinds of people with the same mind as mine. For me this is a way to share my ideas, by interfering in public space. It is like a footprint I leave behind in the cities and streets I've been and hope to make people more aware of their space, art and surroundings, because I claim the public space as my museum, for any pedestrian to see. My approach is a way to reconnect people with art again and make it more accessible. Also for me, as the artist, it is a way to show the art world that there are many ways, to show your art, rather than just in a gallery or museum. This is how my story started to change space, to show one of my art forms. I spread already a bunch of bathroom tiles and woodcuts in several cities and countries, such as in, Zwolle, Enschede, Hengelo, The Hague (Netherlands), Neuenhaus, Münster, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Hannover (Germany), Sofia (Bulgaria), Brussels (Belgium). When making an object for the street, I don't use my artist name, but a synonym, a street-name: Kiki. Also an important point for me is, to decorate the grey street scenery with joy and a little bit of awe, to cheer up the people when they come across my work, especially in this time of the coronavirus." ​