By Mike Ioannidis

Dislocation is about places and feelings of the past, who still find their way into the present.

– How long have you lived in Berlin?

Two and a half years

-Have you found that your creative practices has changed since you moved to Berlin?

Coming from a more conservative culture and surrounding, Berlin influenced my way of work and my perception of art. By living and studying photography in Berlin, I quickly established my own photographic language which revolves around minimalism and experimentation with techniques of the past. The most inspiring thing someone can find in Berlin, is the people and their stories.

-Do you feel that you have changed, consciously or not to blend in your new environment?

Berlin can alter you completely and surprisingly fast only if you allow it to happen. The multiculturalism, the cultural differences between Germany and Greece, and the artistic outbreak that takes place in Berlin are things that certainly left their mark on me. Certainly my point of view on what is considered normal and acceptable has changed because these are qualities that are being defined by each society, hence by moving to a different culture these terms take a different form. In an artistic level, my way of work has become more “open” with no limits in mind and I can be more confident for my artistic work, even if it looks very conceptual or abstract.

-What is a thing of yours that makes you feel at home?

While changing homes throughout the years, I realized that it was quite easy for me to consider every new place as home, as long as there was something to keep me there, like friends, or a goal, like university. Apart from friends I noticed that the feeling of home was enhanced when I was able to explore the new city with my bicycle. Through cycling I was able to make new friends easily and see parts of the city that I wouldn’t see otherwise. Something as simple as a bicycle can have the power to root you somewhere for good. For me, my bike, is synonymous to freedom and discovery and these are qualities I associate with “home”. 

-Where is home?

Recently I read somewhere that “home is where you go when you run out of homes”. Home is a feeling and feelings evolve change and disappear. And so do people.

Mike was born in 1990 in Athens, Greece. Through his work, he questions and investigates the interaction between human and nature.

He uses a reduced, timeless and surrealistic photographic language which includes elements of experimental techniques concentrating on the human body and the silence that nature provides us with.

His work can be found here  and on his IG