To apply send via WeTransfer link ⁠at: 

Submitted work: 2D, 3D, Time-based media & digital art, performance and workshop ideas

- A short bio (max 250 words)
- A project statement or abstract
- Visual depiction of work

Since the submission guidelines on those can be unique in piece by piece basis, if you have any questions regarding how to submit your work, please reach out at:
and we will happily assist you with your application.

Finally we ask all of our artists to send us a small text with their answer to this question:
“What is home for you?”

This serves as a way for ASTRO artist participants like yourself to share their view of home/ migration/ geographical dislocation in solidarity with those seeking a home, or thinking about home, when they come looking at your projects on the website.

Please read the specifications carefully before submitting your proposal.