in your own home

Group Show.
‘tʊə.rɪst/ in your own home’ was a group show
contextualised and led by the ASTRO collective.

The exhibition invites both artist and viewer
alike to revisit the idea of home through the eyes
of the tourist.

The first virtual part of the group exhibition was
live from 22.06.22 to 05.08.22. The show was
constucted all in 3D by us using the New Art
City Virtual world
. In the first part of the show
seven artists and one collective were reimagining
their own personal, local or urban environments.
Each of those navigating the complex interrelations between touring and dwelling of the familiar and the unfamiliar space, exploring home and not-home at the same time.

With what constitutes home, for the individual,
becoming more and more complex; the show was attempting to discover the common elements between touring mobilities and home

Participating Artists - Virtual Show

Ennuh Chew, Cesar Cortes Vega, Territorio De Rupturas, Hannah Kim, Mane Hovhannisyan, Lisa Chou, Snehal

Participating Artists - GlogauAIR Gallery, Berlin

Anna Hailot, Mary Vosou, Alina Magomeda, Semin Hong, Mariela Bobba, Rim Harrabi & Ismael
Lassoued, Emmanuelle Orr, Andriì Dostlev, Francesca Macis, Yu Chung, Ma Jiaying, Takashi
Kanimoto, Tal Kronkop, Marija Bijan, Agrina Vllasaliu and Anna Perepechai

Because of the success of the virtual show we moved into exhibiting a different take on the theme in a converted-house-into-Art space in Berlin, including workshops and performances. 

In the show we invite the viewer, to drift from piece to piece, voyeuristically gazing at people’s
intimate ideas of what home means to them.

Like any exhibition, it is the viewer who decides the importance or meaning of each piece; it is the
viewer who decides how much of their time it’s
worth. By viewing the intimate and personal
through the detached, wandering gaze of
tourism, ‘tʊə.rɪst/ in your own home’ hopes to
shed a different light on homemaking and the
ephemeral concept of home itself.

The show explores what it means to feel at
home, what it means to be a tourist, to be away
from home — perhaps in someone else’s home —
and how overlapping or exclusive these things
are. It explores the relationship between the
private and public spheres when it comes to
defining what home is.

This exhibition is above all a place for sauntering around and experiencing habitual spaces with new eyes. Either by questioning tourist practices of others, or becoming tourists ourselves, this is a place
for all.

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