Group Show.

Alisa Scetinina, Karyna Aslanova, Tina Kikalishvilli
Seppe Vancraywinkel, Ennuh Chew, Joseph Puglisi, Mikyuing Song, Obinna Obiom, Delgado Merono, Giada Rotundo, Milos Vucicevi, George Starkie, Carlos Enfedaque, Kate Bortsova, Adrian Klajo, Mariela Bobba, Bartek Maslak, Kira Bölke

Photo Bellow:

Within the Bubble of Surroundings by Seppe Vancraywinkel

Changing Spaces group show was focused on the huge effect the Covid19 pandemic had on the relationships between humans and the spaces they inhabit.

The bedrooms or cramped apartments that were once just a place to sleep have become whole worlds. Every space, interior or exterior, has been drastically recontextualised. Changing spaces showcases the work of eighteen artists chosen from an Open Call. Each of them exhibited a story of the personal relationship between someone and their space: whether the artist themselves or not, whether pandemic related, or not.

Every work serves as a way to visualise the contrast between subject/space relationships. It either shows a new space, an interpretation of one, or the reminisce of one that is now lost.

Either way, the show encourages the audience to think of their own.

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